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Video has become the most powerful communication tool on the internet.

Video will soon capture 90% of Online Traffic! 


Video will strengthen your ranking on search engines and social media platforms as well!  Why not get started today?


Whether you want to introduce your business, showcase a promotion, sell your products and/or services we can help you tell that story with words, pictures, stories and music. At Your Biz Social we create custom videos for your company's products or services. We specialize in the production of video introductions for professionals (doctors, lawyers, therapists, coaches, realtors, etc.)


Your video message has a huge impact on social networking sites. Videos post easily to  Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest and Youtube.


Facts about On-Line use of Video:

  • A video is 53x times more likely to make it to Page 1 of a Google Search than similar text searches (Forrester)

  • A video gets 3 minutes of attention - a Web page gets 1 minute (Neilsen)

  • Youtube is the 2nd Largest search engine on the web.

  • 10% of web visits are to Facebook, most people share pictures and videos.

  • Web users like sharing useful relevant video content with other people.

  • More people access the internet via mobile devices..and most of us would rather push play then read.

  • Video is a fun, exciting and impactful way to tell your business's story.

  • Video creates a higher conversion rate for the sale of your products.

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