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What is required to set up, update, and optimize your Google My Business Account



  1. Verification of ownership. This is done by phone, text, or a postcard sent from Google. So I would need a mobile number, a business phone number (if different), and the physical address of where you work from (even if it is your home address - this will not be published unless you need it to be). Often, it is Google’s choice as to which way they will suggest for this step. In order to accomplish this by phone or text, I would need a few minutes of your time when we are completing this step.

  2. Photos and videos. Photos will be cropped to fit a 720px X 720px format and the file can be no smaller than 10 kb in size and no larger than 5MB. Any that you can provide are good. I will likely rename them to optimize the value for search engines. Video file should not be larger than 5100MB and no longer than 30 seconds. The below are suggestions for the photos and images to send:

    1. Your personal headshot

    2. Any colleagues that are an important part of your business

    3. Your business logo (send in .png format)

    4. Interior images of your office/store (if you don’t work from home)

    5. Exterior images of your office/store (if you don’t work from home)

    6. Any pictures that depict the work you do and/or the services you provide. Before you send any of these, we will discuss best practices.

  3. Hours of operation

  4. Service areas

  5. Brief business description – can be no longer than 720 characters. I can help with this as well.

  6. Your business email address.

  7. Your website URL

  8. Links to any social platforms where you are active with your business

  9. The services you provide. As many as describe what you do. Again, I will help with best practices for this list.

  10. FOR RESTAURANTS OR SCHEDULED SERVICE BUSINESSES ONLY – a picture of your menu and, if available, a document that lists your menu items, descriptions, and prices.

  11. Regarding reviews – I have a templated letter that has helped many businesses have success with gaining more reviews from their existing clients.

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