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enhancing realtor branding through Social media

Your Biz Social provides training, coaching, and consulting to come alongside real estate professionals to help them develop and maintain an active and effective brand on the internet.


The following are just a few quick ideas to consider as you build your Real Estate brand using Social Media:


1. Building your Social Media audience for success.

        If the number of your social media connections, followers, likes, friends is not yet where you want it, then it's time start reaching out to your  

        existing clients, prospects, colleagues in the real estate business, friends and professional relationships that you have already established

        to create a connection to them on the social media platforms you have chosen to utilize for brand renovation. Most social media platforms

        have search functions that allow you to seek out potential connections.  Make certain, as you build this, that you resist the temptation to add

        someone merely as an additional connection, but rather build your audience with those who can influence your business in a positive way

        (through buying, selling, referring, mentoring, etc.)


2.  Develop your social media profiles with professionalism and approachability as your main focus.

     Whether that is the images you use for profiles and covers or the details you include contextually when you write your profile descriptions. 

     Have as your goal to use this as a way to truly set yourself apart from other realtors as an expert  . . .whatever your expertise might be.

     a. Make it captivating and clear so that potential clients, recruits or business relationships are able to quickly identify these areas of your


     b. Use more media and not so much social – tap into video and photos to engage your  audience and build your ranking and findability on the          internet.


3. Have a strategy so your Social Media does not eat your time but monetizes it instead.

     a. Develop a posting calendar with a strategy for building your on-line reputation.

     b. Seek out the available tools to help find meaningful content so you don't have to "re-invent" the wheel each time you post

         (ie., Wikemedia).

     c. Discipline yourself to keep your activity to an hour or less per day.

     d. Keep the posts you have to "sell your brand" to 1 out of 20.

         Ad up the recommendations and positive reviews on your profile page by requesting these from colleagues and clients.

         These can highlight what sets You (the brand) apart from your competition.


Applying discipline, wisdom and creativity to your social media online brand promotion will produce results.


Before you use social media marketing to replace networking and prospecting techniques that have generated income for you in your real estate career thus far, keep in mind that you should never abandon something that is making money for something that might make money.  Learn to leverage your time.  While you are waiting for a client to arrive, tweet something of interest, update your LinkedIn page or post a photo of a property you are selling on Instagram or Pinterest.  Instead of Words with Friends or Candy Crush Saga, how about using that time to engage a follower on Facebook or re-post a worthwhile article on Google +.  Then when you see and feel the results from your social media efforts, allocate your time and resources accordingly.  Lastly, keep in mind that firms like Your BIZ Social exist to free up the time and learning curve it takes to do social media and brand promotion effectively . . .We can be the “disciplined approach” you may be seeking to market your real estate brand. 


You will like the results!


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