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Feedback & Analytics

Detailed reports and feedback for your social media campaigns will be provided with which to strategize your on-line marketing efforts. 


These will include an overview on all social media platforms:

  • Stats on follower growth, twitter mentions, and all tweets.

  • All likes and posts related to your Facebook page.

  • Data from Facebook campaigns like Facebook post is the most engaging? How is the page performing? Top posts to your page, plus fan demographics.

  • LinkedIn page performance stats, which updates perform the best, and information about your followers.

The value of Social Media as a tool to engage in meaningful business communication with your current customers and their respective circles of friends, makes it a valuable tool for providing customer service feedback, make offers, and learn about who your best prospects are.  Our feedback and analytics are meant to give you the data you need to make smart decisions about meeting your clients and prospects needs.

Social media stratey analysis



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